Welcome to my kidlit studio, where I joyously cook up new art, characters, and stories for children and young adults. I got my first dose of storytelling for children when I was a Sunday school teacher at my local church. I drew simple illustrations of the Bible stories, and I was in awe of how much children love any and all art. They went wild for the pictures, begging to add their own color with crayons and asking dozens of questions about who were in the drawings. I found their energy and love for stories heartwarming (and their love of eating those said crayons somewhat worrisome).

While my background in fine art was quickly growing, I discovered at art festivals that children and young adults were the largest demographic interested in my art, and it was easy to see how fascinated children were with animals, nature, and bright colors – they couldn’t resist stopping their parents to ogle at my paintings of bright green tree frogs and dreamy white dandelion seeds. Soon after, I started on my journey learning the art, craft, and business of picture books and writing for young people. I’ve taken classes from Mira Reisberg’s Children’s Book Academy, participated in the annual Storystorm challenge, joined SCBWI, and regularly attend SCBWI conferences and critiques.

I am happy to present to you my portfolio of illustrations for Picture Book, Middle Grade, and Young Adult.

For Editors or Agents

If you are an editor or agent interested in working with me, I have a special secret page just for you. It is a password protected page with my current manuscripts and book dummies. Please feel free to contact me for exclusive access. Also, please be sure to check back for new works, changes and improvements. I look forward to hearing from you and possibly working with you.

For Fans and Art Patrons

If you are a fan or patron of my art, I welcome you to my kidlit corner, and I hope I might bring a published book to you very soon! I appreciate your continued support and hope you enjoy perusing this part of my site. Please be sure to check back regularly for any publishing news! For easy access to news, products, or sales, you can sign up for my email newsletter.